Shel’s contributions to the Roosevelt Torch were not just limited to cartoons. Starting with the January 8, 1951 issue, he penned a column called “The Garbage Man” which commented on happenings at Roosevelt and made appropriately satiric comments. Here is that column:

For whatever reason, the column was short lived, as I was only able to track down two other ones, appearing in the February 12 and 19 issues. Obviously, they are dated; Silverstein was writing about current events and making comments about fellow students and classmates. I did not expect to get the references, and in most cases, I didn’t; however, Joffre Stewart, subject of a joke in the first “Garbage Can” column, was a student protester who was arrested, resulting in an affair of considerable brouhaha. However, what is especially amusing is Shel’s dig at the Army: “Hey guys–how about forming an ROTC club? We could have drill and marching and everything–just like the Army–WHAT FUN!” Because it was only a matter of time before someone, anyone, would be drafted, the best way to deal with such an unfortunate situation was to make light of it. Which, of course, Shel would do considerably in his tenure as the Pacific Stars & Stripes cartoonist while stationed in Korea in the mid-50s.

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