No, as far as I can tell, Shel Silverstein didn't write any essays. None that were published, at least. This section is for my own writing about Shel or about various subjects that involve him in some way, whether the connection is direct or tenuous. I hope to add to this section periodically, as the mood strikes me. In the meantime, feel free to check these out:

Literary Criticism and Shel Silverstein: This is my review of Ruth K. McDonald's book, simply called "Shel Silverstein." It was published in 1997 and attempts to apply literary theories to Silverstein's works. Not surprisingly, she concentrates her focus on his children's books, but doesn't completely ignore his adult side. (March 1999)

The Archive Turns One: This was my attempt to explain what I had been doing for the past year and what my future goals might be. In the months since these goals have not changed, but have become more solidified. I may expound on this further in my 2nd anniversary essay. (March 9, 2000)

Truth or Myth? Shel Silverstein's Connection to Brennan Manning: A detailed look at the claim by a former Franciscan priest that Shel Silverstein was a boyhood friend who wrote The Giving Tree to demonstrate his view of the relationship between God and Christ. After careful examination, I evaluate several inconsistencies between Manning's story and Shel's life, but the conclusion is yours to draw. (January 22, 2001)