"The Devil and Billy Markham" (1989) The Devil and Billy Markham

This play first appeared as a six-part epic poem (with the same title) in the January 1979 edition of Playboy Magazine. The entire text can be found here. "The Devil and Billy Markham" was put on as a one-act play, in monologue and verse form, in conjunction with David Mamet's "Bobby Gould in Hell". The double bill, entitled "Oh Hell," was mounted first at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater on 150 West 65th Street, and later moved to the City Center, Lincoln Center. Gregory Mosher directed both plays.

The Reviews

2 Ways to Deal with the Devil from New York Times Theater Review (December 4, 1989)
Having a Hell of a Time from Time (December 18, 1989)
Oh, Hell from Variety (December 18, 1989)
Review from New Yorker magazine (December 25, 1989