Excerpt from "Short Takes"
(New York Times Theater Review of "Marathon '86'", June 3, 1986)

by D.J.R Bruckner

"Little Feet" by Shel Silverstein is smart, mischievous and very quick. Margaret joins Kenneth at a restaurant, where he has almost finished eating. They are either married or an item and it turns out that there is a history of his persuading her to acquire kinky tastes, for the sake of sophistication. As Margaret explains hilariously how her passion for reggae kept her on the dance floor and made her late to dinner , she notices a scrap of his dinner, "a tiny little foot", on Kenneth's lip and thereby lies Mr. Silverstein's tale. What is really happening has nothing to do with eating and the lines would craze an analyst searching for a recognizable displacement. The game is up from the moment Margaret speculates that Kenneth's crowd has been enjoying its peculiar menu for years "and laughing behind my back. The minute I'm gone do they say, O.K., the square is gone, bring out the feet?'" Christine Baranski, wide-eyed and emotionally wide open, and Harris Yulin, with as sly a straight face as one could imagine, play this little number with the smooth precision of a minuet.

(editor's note: "Little Feet" was also listed as part of the "Marathon '84" series. However, it may have been pulled or rejected at the last minute.)