Performed at the Goodman Theater, Chicago, from June 3 to July 7, 1983.

Frank: Paul Guilfoyle
Charlie: Ron Silver
Other Gorilla: Susan J. Orrick
Guard: Del Close

Gorilla Playbill

What a trio I honestly didn't think that I would ever find out anything about this play, but lo and behold, someone wonderful came through for me. Thanks.

Anyway, "Gorilla" was part of a trio of one-act plays put on at the Goodman during the summer months. The other two plays were David Mamet's "The Disappearance of the Jews" and Elaine May's "Hotline". That is one hell of a theatre trio. Mamet's play was directed by Gregory Mosher, and the other two by Art Wolff.

This section had previously stated that Silverstein directed his own play. The playbill credits Wolff, but the case for Silverstein was made in a reference guide called "Contemporary Authors". I guess they messed up.