The Links

Lord knows I've spent the past several months shamelessly plugging my site wherever I possibly can. This is the page for reciprocity as well as for visiting some "Friends of Shel". I'll try to add to this page every so often.

Carol's Banned-Width
I plug this site often enough here at the Archive, but what's one more? The definitive Silverstein site, period.

Morgo's Media Menu
Morgo's been collecting Shel records for years and has been putting out his songs as Real Audio clips for some time. All of Shel's albums are available here to listen to, so fans old and new can get a real sense of how Shel would (or wanted, at least) to perform them.

Sely Friday's page
One of the first Shel sites on the Internet. Sely also runs the Shel Silverstein Mailing List.

Kim Monroe's page
A recently added Shel website. Nice design and layout, with a marked distinction between Shel's work for adults and children.

The Shel Silverstein Discography
This FAQ, organized by Rob Killam, is hosted on a website run by Jeff Morris, who maintains the many of the FAQ's at the Dr. Demento site. Killam's FAQ is fairly comprehensive, and definitely helped me out when I did my initial search for Shel's albums that he or other people recorded. An invaluable resource to all Silverstein fans.

The Unofficial Bobby Bare Website
An incredibly comprehensive site devoted to the country singer Bobby Bare, one of Shel's oldest friends who recorded many of his songs from the 1970s onward, including the fabulous concept CD "Lullabies, Legends, and Lies". Includes a tribute to Shel located here.

Bob Gibson: A Legacy
Run by his daughter, Meridian Green, this site is a tribute to a man widely thought to be one of the greatest influences on folk music today. Gibson's friendship with Shel lasted almost 40 years until his untimely death in 1996. Gibson's final album, "Makin' A Mess" (1995), which was an entire album of Silverstein songs, is absolutely wonderful. So too is the interview both of them conducted with Studs Terkel in 1994. I strongly urge you to get them both.

Fred Koller's Official Website
Koller is a Nashville singer-songwriter whose three number one hits include "Angel Eyes", recorded and made popular by the Jeff Healey Band (score one for Canadian Content!). Koller collaborated with Silverstein on about 25 songs, mostly written in the 1970s. 15 of these songs were written in a two-week binge at Shel's Sausalito houseboat. Sometime in spring 2001, Fred Koller will be releasing an album of these collaborations with Shel, and I can't wait to get my hands on this recording.

Pat Dailey's Official Website
Dailey is a musician who met Shel in the early 80s while playing a gig at Key West. The relationship was extremely beneficial to both men, resulting in Shel writing some songs on Dailey's "Freshwater" and "Great American Saturday Nite" albums. Evidently Dailey was one of the very last people to speak with Shel before his death. I don't know much about this guy, but hopefully I will find out more.

The Official Fan Site of Dennis Locorriere
The lead singer of Dr. Hook has been big in Britain for some time. Sam and Claire have the complete details of his recent tour and solo album, as well as an exclusive interview conducted over the summer. It's a great read

Dennis Locorriere's Official Website
Title pretty much says it all. Set up mostly to plug his solo albums and tours, which are predominantly in the UK and Australia.

AlFinBed's Dr. Hook Site
Everything you ever really wanted to know about this group.

Andy May's Tribute to Dr. Hook
Another fabulous website run by a longtime Dr. Hook and Shel fan. Check out the guestbook--Billy Francis and Ray Sawyer are known to hang out there.

The Official Judy Henske Website
I don't think I mention her at all in the Archive but Judy is a fabulous singer. Her heyday was the 60s where she wowed the crowd with her hard-to-categorize singing style. The first song she ever wrote, "Oh, You Engineer", had lyrics by Silverstein.

The John Sack Website
Also linked on the Report from Practically Nowhere page.

The Jean Shepherd Website
A fabulous tribute to one of the greatest radio personalities who ever lived--naturally, whose heyday was far before my time. He also passed on in 1999, and is probably partying with Shel, or at least comparing kazoo techniques. Excelsior, you fathead!
A brand new website which, when finished, will attempt to be a massive clearinghouse of information pertaining to rock music and other genres. I have high hopes for this site. In any case, the section on Shel can be found in the section "In a class of his own".

Patsi Bale Cox's Website
Patsi Bale Cox is a Nashville journalist and writer, most notable for her collaboration with Tanya Tucker on her autobiography. Patsi was the one who "interviewed" Shel--or at least, got the great quotes--for the Old Dogs website. Her favorite Shel song is "Goin' Down to Texas (To Be One More Horse's Ass)"--a fine choice, if you ask me.