Publisher's Weekly Reviews "Different Dances"

(July 2, 1979)

In cartoon sequences that often stretch on for several pages, Silverstein's sparely sketched, naked figures dance to the mad music of time, technology, sex--all the forces of nature and modern life that frustrate, defate and annihilate. There's nary a dud in this oversize volume crammed full of cartoons: they amuse with a sardonic humor that elicits wry smiles of recognition. Clever and iconoclastic, Silversteinr respects no taboos. Much of his humor is based on the enslaving power of the sex glands: his drawings are explicit and wickedly funny. Silverstein's distinctive style--pared down to the essentials--reminds one of Thurber; so does his jaundiced view of the human race. This book is not for everyone, but those with sophisticated tastes will enjoy every cartoon in this witty collection.