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Last Updated: November 14, 2003

Welcome to my tribute to a man who excelled at many things, who touched the lives of many, and is certainly one of my personal heroes: Shel Silverstein.

First, I urge you to visit, if you haven't already, Carol's Banned Width. It is the most comprehensive website dealing with Silverstein's adult-oriented works. This page is meant to complement Carol's wonderful and unparalleled site.

My aim is to bring together as many articles and reviews concerning anything having to do with Shel Silverstein. I am especially interested in his plays, written and performed during the 1980's and 90's. Few people, with the exception of the New York theatre elite, realized these plays even existed until very recently, and only now are they getting the attention they deserve. Here you will find reviews of some of them, but compared to the hundreds that are out there, it's only a small percentage. This site, as always, is still a work in progress.

So, too, is the site as a whole. I find new articles, reviews, and other items when time warrants. And if you know of any article having to do with Shel Silverstein in any way, feel free to email me or Carol. I'd like to make this site as comprehensive as possible.

So enjoy the articles, reviews, interviews, and essays, as it is my way of commemorating one of the most unique people I've ever come across.

Sarah Weinman

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